Flight Advice During Pregnancy

Flying during pregnancy, especially for any period longer than 3 hours, can increase your risk of thrombosis (blood clots forming in your legs or even lungs). If you cannot avoid flying, we offer the following advice:

  • Please always consult your GP or Obstetrician before booking any flights (especially long haul). Fit to Fly letters can be supplied by us upon request.
  • Ask your local GP or Obstetrician to prescribe Aspirin 75mg. Please do not use medication you have bought over the counter as the dose could be incorrect.
  • The Aspirin should be taken according to the instructions given to you by your GP or Obstetrician, but the usual recommendation is to take one dose the day before your flight, one on the actual day of your flight and one on the day after.
  • You may also find the use of compression stockings or socks to be beneficial as these will help to keep the blood moving in your legs.
  • During your flight, ensure that you stretch your legs and walk around whenever possible.
  • Maintain your fluid intake throughout your flight.


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