“We are very grateful for all your wonderful care and support for our twins during my pregnancy. We had a great experience and were really well looked after. We really appreciated your calm and practical approach.”

“As soon as we met you, you put my mind at rest. Your colleagues on the day were also fantastic and reassuring! There are no words to describe how much I appreciate what you did for me and I will never forget it. You made what I feared would be a horrifying ordeal, a deeply special experience.”

“Thank you so much for your incredible support to me and my family throughout my pregnancy. Your outstanding professionalism and kindness made an enormous difference. I did not ever think it possible for me to truly understand or appreciate the magic of giving birth but having worked with all the team to mentally prepare and having you perform the surgery made an enormous difference and I was truly able to feel the magic and joy of the day.”

“Thank you for making my pregnancy and birth such an exciting and positive experience and for delivering Harry so safely — we hugely valued your advice, support and expertise.”

“You may say you were only doing your job (and being a modest kind of guy I’m sure you would) but you did it with sensitivity at a difficult time, with humour and with decisiveness when we needed advice — and for these things we are very grateful.”

“Keith was our consultant for all three of my pregnancies and we felt totally at ease in his care. He was only a phone call away if we had any concerns and with three pregnancies there were quite a few questions over the years! The staff at Chelsea Birth Clinic were wonderful and I looked forward to my appointments, I felt like I was greeted by a friend when calling up Keith’s secretary in fact I think she was as excited as me when i booked in for my dating scan! I always recommend Keith and his team to my friends and many of them have now been delivered or had scans by him and his colleagues at CBC.”

“With thanks once again for the safe delivery of our second daughter. We really appreciate all your time and care. You will forever play a big part in our memories of the wonderful days our daughters joined us.”

“Huge thanks for the care you have given us throughout my pregnancy and the successful delivery of our perfect boys. I have had no health problems or complications at all which we put down to your (and your team’s) excellent care.”

“Having our first child has been the most incredible experience. I am very grateful to you for your conscientious and considerate care of us both. At every point in the pregnancy and birth I had total confidence in you. As a first time mother, your calm presence and years of experience were a huge comfort. We look forward to being in touch about the next pregnancy and I hope very much that you will look after me again.”

“Our sincere thanks to you for safely delivering our second little boy. We very much hope to have a third and will look forward to being under your calm care.”

“Thank you for all your support throughout my pregnancy. Having an elective C-Section was the absolute best choice for me and we are all so grateful for your invaluable advice and skill.”


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